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Incontinence affects over 7 million people in the UK, incontinence can deeply affect anybody at any point in their life. It could be losing some drops during pregnancy, leakage caused by surgery or a problem linked to ageing. As a result, you might feel that your daily activities are limited, when even simple activities such as going for a walk, shopping, exercising or socializing may seem difficult to manage, leaving you with a feeling of embarrassment or frustration. From light bladder weakness to full loss of bowel control, Incontinence Shop Ltd provides incontinence products to Retail and Trade Customers in the UK, we also offer local customers the option to collect their goods during our opening hours, we are located in Farnworth (Bolton), we have many years of experience in the Incontinence Products business.
Incontinence Shop can supply a wide range of incontinence products that give you the maximum absorbency while being discreet and are appropriate for men, women & Children. We stock many brands such as Tena, Abena, Lille Healthcare, Kylie, iD Expert and many more.



Latest News

    2014-11-17 10:18:30

  • Following the TENA Slip ConfioAir™ launch across Medium and Large sizes (Plus, Super and Maxi absorption levels), SCA Hygiene Products UK Ltd. is now delighted to announce the same exciting upgrades to the remaining articles in the TENA Slip assortment, for Extra Small and Small sizes (Plus, Super and Maxi) in addition to Medium and Large sizes in the Ultima absorption level.

    Details of the product changes and their associated benefits are as follows:

    • New breathable back-sheet and breathable non-woven sides maintain dryness for healthy skin
    • New textile-like material feels gentle and more comfortable on the skin
    • New wide hook tapes for easy fastening and multiple adjustments
    • New Press & Pull fitting system to achieve a secure fit
    • Fast-acting, highly absorbent core securely protects against leakage
    • Lighter product weight with a higher SAP content; absorbent materials where they are most needed
    • Dermatologically tested
    • Carbon footprint reduced by 4% and 5% reduction in usage of non-renewable energy resources

    Maintaining healthy skin can be challenging, even when providing the best possible care. New TENA Slip with ConfioAir™utilises breathable materials to allow the skin to breathe and maintain skin health. The sides are twice as breathable as traditional breathable All-in-One (AiO) products and keep moisture at the skin’s natural level.


    Launch week (+/- 2 weeks)

    TENA Slip Extra Small

    wk 13 2015

    TENA Slip Plus Small

    wk 11 2015

     TENA Slip Super Small

    wk 11 2015

     TENA Slip Maxi Small

    wk 11 2015

    TENA Slip Ultima Medium

    wk 52 2014

     TENA Slip Ultima Large

    wk 52 2014

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