iD Form 2 Plus (Cotton Feel) - Pack of 21
iD Form 2 Plus (Cotton Feel) - Pack of 21 iD Form 2 Plus (Cotton Feel) - Pack of 21 iD Form 2 Plus (Cotton Feel) - Pack of 21 iD Form 2 Plus (Cotton Feel) - Pack of 21 iD Form 2 Plus (Cotton Feel) - Pack of 21 iD Form 2 Plus (Cotton Feel) - Pack of 21 iD Form 2 Plus (Cotton Feel) - Pack of 21

iD Form 2 Plus (Cotton Feel) - Pack of 21

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iD are proud to announce their refreshed iD Form range. The iD Form product remains the same as the one you already know and appreciate, the only changes are the rebranding of the packaging and the refresh of the description to remove the word 'Expert'.

Do you have significant leaks with occasional accidents, but you still want to use normal underwear? Are you searching for a bigger product but with a very high absorbency?

The iD Form Plus (size 2) is a unisex shaped pad designed to provide maximum performance. The pad is anatomically shaped ensuring a secure fit. The anti-leak cuffs provide extra security preventing any leakage. The pad features an odour control system that locks in any odours keeping you feeling fresh. The iD Form ideally should be used with iD Fix net pants for a correct fit or with your own close fitting underwear.

Features and Benefits

  • Dermatologically tested: All our protective iD products are approved by dermatologists to guarantee minimal risk of any skin irritation.
  • Fast absorption & instant dryness: Quick maximum fluid immersion keeps skin dry.
  • 100% breathable: Breathable, niet-geweven material helps to maintain healthy skin.
  • Odour Control: An odour control system in the absorbent core helps to prevent the formation of ammonia and unpleasant odours.
  • Cotton Feel: A soft textile back sheet provides comfort and discretion.
  • Double Wetness Indicator: Our wetness indicator lets you know when it's time to change the product.
  • Anti leakage protection: Integrated anti leak cuffs made of waterproof material help to prevent side leakage, preserving security and discretion.
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Product Details

Unit Qty21
VAT ExemptYes
Item TypeDisposable
Absorption Drops6 Drops
Absorption LevelPlus
QuantityPack of 21
Pad Size640mm x 330/310mm
Backing MaterialCotton Feel
SizeSize 2
GenderMale, Female
ConditionSmall Loss, Small to Moderate Loss
Type of IncontinenceBladder, Bowel, Bladder and Bowel
Custom MadeNo
QuantityPack of 21
Units Per Pack21

What Are Shaped Insert Pads?

Shaped insert pads, also called insert pads are large disposable pads designed to manage heavy incontinence with options available for faecal incontinence. They require close fitting underwear or fix pants to help keep them in place as they do not have sticky tabs or an adhesive backing.

Shaped insert pads are commonly thought as a less absorbent all in one slip but without the wings and sticky tabs hence the need for a fixation pant. They usually feature leak guards, a wetness indicator and odour control. They benefit from being easy to change, discreet and come in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit every body type and need.

Some shaped insert pads are smaller than others but they aren't to be confused with light insert pads or shields that are considerably smaller and far less absorbent.

Quick Facts

  • Designed for heavy incontinence
  • Options available for faecal incontinence
  • To be worn with fixation pants (A)
  • Suitable for all genders
  • Often feature odour control
  • Built in leak guards (B)
  • Typically cloth backed with a wetness indicator
  • A range of sizes and absorbencies
  • Not to be confused with light insert pads or shields
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