Brand Spotlight - Drylife

Brand Spotlight - Drylife
By Inco
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Brand Spotlight - Drylife

Meet Drylife

Established in 1987, Drylife has been working towards creating a range of high quality incontinence products at an affordable price. With decades of experience we focus on creating innovative, high quality products for men, women and children. They aim to make a positive impact to anyone who struggles with incontinence or is involved in contincence care. The range of products is always expanding and their team of experts are always looking at new ways to improve the products and the lives of customers.

Drylife offers an assortment of disposable and washable products suitable to all types and levels of incontinence. With a large range of absorbencies and sizes available, the products offer both comfort and discretion. Drylife products are latex-free and dermatologically tested, minimizing skin irritations and providing users and carers with an efficient range of solutions to continence management.

So what are the products?

Disposable Products

Cost effective, highly absorbent and protective, the Drylife disposables are a high quality solution to continence management. Make great savings on your incontinence products while still feeling the great benefits of a comfortable, high quality product.

Here's an example of the savings you can make:

Washable Products

Drylife offer a wide range of washable products in the range. From Plastic and Rubber pants, to terry towelling, to Mens and Womens Underwear. The range is sure to provide a solution for you.

The all new Mens and Womens washable pants are great solutions for those with light incontinence, and want a look and feel of normal underwear. Providing everyday security and comfort while looking like your normal underwear.


Drylife will also help manage solutions to other everyday problems. Products including puppy training pads, nitrile and vinyl gloves and portable urinals.

Alongside all of this, the Drylife range is always expanding and you can be sure that there will be new products coming in the future, at consistently great prices!

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10 January 2020