Drylife Pants Super are here!

Drylife Pants Super are here!

Drylife offers an assortment of disposable and washable products suitable to all types and levels of incontinence. The most recent addition to the range is the new Drylife Pants Super. After the success of the Pants Maxi, we are sure that the 'Super' will reach the same heights. 

Drylife Pants Super are protective disposable pants which help effectively manage moderate to heavy incontinence while benefiting from the look and feel of real underwear for both men and women. The stay dry layer is kind to skin by moving liquid away from the surface. These pants feature anti-leak guards and pull away sides for easy disposal. All Drylife Pants have soft, breathable sides provide plenty of comfort and keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. They absorb approximately 2000ml, and although currently are only available in medium and large, the small and extra large packs will also be available soon.

Not sure whether you're size is available? Check below:

Size Small Medium Large Extra Large
Waist 50-90cm, 20-35 inch 60-110cm, 24-43-inch 70-120cm, 27-47 inch 80-134cm, 31-52 inch

Drylife products are latex-free and dermatologically tested, minimizing skin irritations and providing users and carers with an efficient range of solutions to continence management. So you can feel confident and safe knowing you're protected by Drylife.

15 May 2019