Incontinence Shop Accessories

Incontinence Shop Accessories

To complement our range of incontinence products; we offer a large selection of accessories designed to aid with incontinence and help make daily living easier. Our incontinence accessories include dry and wet wipes, bed pans and urinals, gloves, disposal solutions and some of the best skin and hygiene ranges from TENA Cleanse and iD Care.

We want to give you the best possible advice and information on what will suit your needs best, and how our range of products can improve yours and your loved ones lives.

So how might they be useful to you?

Bed Pans and Urinals

Urinals and bed pans are a dignified way to assist with the toileting needs of users that have reduced mobility or difficult accessing the toilet. A bedpan is often used in a sitting or lying position and suitable for both the bladder and bowel, whereas a urinal can be used whilst sitting or standing for urination only. They have become an increasingly popular solution for both individuals and healthcare providers largely due to the introduction of disposable variants.

View the bed pans and urinals range here.

Disposal Units

Incontinence disposal bins provide a clean and easy way to dispose of used incontinence pads. Our range of products are designed to prevent the spread of bacteria and cross-contamination making them very popular amongst carers and individuals.

Take a look at our disposal units here.

Dry and Wet Wipes

We provide a range of dry and wet wipes from a number of the UK's leading incontinence providers. Dry wipes can be used to provide a time-saving solution for continence care and everyday personal cleansing, in the comfort of their bed or chair. When partnered with a cleansing foam it is an excellent solution to those troubled with less mobility. 

Check out the range here.

Skincare and Cleansing

We offer a wide range of innovative high quality products for personal care and hygiene. The entire range is developed for comfort, dignity and optimal skin health. 

Shop for skincare here.

Other Incontinence Shop Accessories

We also offer many other types of products from nitrile gloves and paper towels to cleaning solutions for your home. Be sure to take a look at our accessories page here and we're sure you'll find the product for you!

23 May 2019