New - Drylife Premium Form available now!

1 November 2022

New - Drylife Premium Form available now!

Drylife Premium Form is a large shaped pad for men and women that are designed to provide premium performance, perfect for moderate to heavy incontinence. Made from a 100% breathable dermatologist approved super comfortable cotton feel material, minimising the risk of skin irritation and promoting healthy skin.

Drylife Premium Form are anatomically shaped for a secure fit and feature waterproof anti-leak cuffs that offer an extra layer of protection to stops leaks and retain liquids inside. Drylife Premium Form offer the latest in odour control technology due to the highly absorbent core that prevents ammonia forming leaving you fresh and odour free.

Drylife Premium Form contain multiple layers of Super Absorbent Polymers, SAP will absorb liquid and lock it inside ensuring the wearer feels safe and secure. Drylife Premium Form also feature a double wetness indicator which tells the wearer that the pad has reached maximum capacity and needs to be changed.


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