New TENA Shampoo Cap Now available

New TENA Shampoo Cap Now available

TENA Shampoo Cap is a non-rinse, comfortable alternative to washing hair with water – ideal for individuals and patients with limited mobility. What’s more, with TENA Shampoo Cap, there is the added benefit of a relaxing and comforting head massage.

Tena Shompoo Cap


- Comfort and dignity for individuals
- Easy and convenient alternative to normal hair washing
- No need to add water or rinse hair afterwards
- Ideal for those who are bedridden, fragile, immobile or terminally ill
- Also suitable for those who are afraid of water

A few extra tips
• For enhanced comfort, you can heat the unopened TENA Shampoo Cap pack in the microwave (max. 30 seconds at 500W). Be sure to check the temperature before use
• Each single-use pack contains the optimum amount of cleansing formulation for one hair wash
• Explain to the individual what you are going to do
• Do not interrupt the procedure unnecessarily

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1 September 2014