TENA Launches New Pants Design

TENA Launches New Pants Design

TENA have launched their New Pants Design unique advancements in product innovation to its TENA Pants product assortment.  Sizes Medium and Large across Plus, Super and Maxi absorption levels are affected.
The Following Sizes are available now at www.incontinenceshop.comPlus Medium, Super Large,
Maxi Medium, Plus Large, Super Medium, Maxi Large.

The affected TENA Pants products will now incorporate a new, innovative ConfioFit™ design, resulting in 30% thinner protection, with increased discretion and dignity, providing the same high security and more comfort for users than ever before.

Old Tena Pants DesignNew Tena Pants Design

Old Tena pants Design

New Tena Pants Design

These fantastic product enhancements are available at no additional cost to customers, and all pack and case quantities will remain unchanged. In conjunction with the before mentioned product enhancements there will also be an updated packaging design.  The new packets are 23% smaller*, occupying less storage space.  The new packaging will also help to reduce impact on the environment, with 13% overall less plastic packaging, 30% less cardboard packaging and a reduction of 7% in the carbon footprint for the affected products.

26 November 2013