TENA Lady Extra - Pack of 20
TENA Lady Extra - Pack of 20 TENA Lady Extra - Pack of 20 TENA Lady Extra - Pack of 20 TENA Lady Extra - Pack of 20

TENA Lady Extra - Pack of 20

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TENA Lady Extra with Body Shaped DRYZone gives you TRIPLE PROTECTION from leaks, odour and moisture. TENA Lady Extra is just as discreet as a sanitary towel but much more absorbent, so you will feel instantly dry and comfortable whatever comes your way.

The Body Shaped DRYZone fits the body for excellent absorption and discretion

TENA Lady is specifically shaped to offer superior absorption to prevent leaks. Coupled with our unique Fresh Odour Control, its the perfect fit that offers ultimate protection.

TENA Lady Discreet is asymmetrically shaped to fit your body for discretion and comfort

TENA Lady Discreet provides excellent protection, comfort and discretion. TENA Lady Discreet pads are asymmetrically shaped to fit your body and designed to make you feel at ease, so you can focus on the fun things in life.

Triple Protection - Dry, Secure and Odour Control

All TENA Lady products give you Triple Protection from leaks, odour and moisture. Helping you stay dry, secure and confident every day and night.

Dermatologically tested

All materials in the product are dermatologically tested to be safe and kind to the skin.

Extra gentle and dry Silky Soft Surface against the skin

Dryness is important for feeling fresh and protecting the skin. TENA Lady Discreet pads have a Silky Soft textile-like surface that instantly whisks away moisture from your skin. TENA Lady Discreet pads keep you feeling dry and confident.

Fresh Odour Control for confidence

Don't let urine leakage slow you down! TENA Lady Discreet pads have Fresh Odour Control with unique active micro-fresh pearls to reduce the development of odour. TENA Lady Discreet keeps you feeling fresh and confident whatever comes your way.

Individually wrapped with Easy Wrap

Each TENA Lady Extra pad is individually wrapped with Easy Wrap and can easily be dropped into your handbag or pocket. TENA Lady Discreet Extra pads are easy to carry around and easy to dispose of.

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Product Details

Unit Qty20
VAT ExemptYes
Item TypeDisposable
Absorption Drops4 Drops
Absorption LevelExtra
QuantityPack of 20
Pad Size30cm Length
Backing MaterialCotton Feel
ConditionSmall Loss
Type of IncontinenceBladder
Custom MadeNo
QuantityPack of 20
Units Per Pack20

What Are Light Insert Pads?

Light insert pads, also called pads or shields are small disposable pads to manage light urinary incontinence. They are designed to be placed inside the user's underwear and typically feature an adhesive backing to help keep the pad in place.

Small pads are typically gender specific with options for women being called light pads and men being called shields. They don't feature leak guards or a wetness indicator but can have odour control. They benefit from being easy to change, discreet and come in a variety of absorbencies.

Many light insert pads are individually packed making them ideal for travel and easy to dispose of.

Quick Facts

  • Designed for light urinary incontinence
  • To be placed inside the user's underwear
  • Typically feature an adhesive backing
  • Gender specific options
  • Female products are typically called pads
  • Male products are typically called shields
  • Often individually packed
  • Easy to dispose of
  • A range of absorbencies
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