Disposable Products

Disposable incontinence products are single use items such as discreet shaped pads, large shaped pads, pull up pants and all in one slips. Light pads are thin and discreet, protecting against light dribbles. Larger insert pads are designed to be used with fixation pants to help keep the product in place and are ideal for moderate incontinence such as unexpected gushes or an urgent need to visit the toilet. Pull up pants look like regular underwear and typically feature greater leakage protection for moderate to heavy incontinence. For heavy incontinence needs, all in one slips are the ideal product and use tapes or a belt to fix the product in place.

Light Insert Pads

Light insert pads specially designed for women. These small shaped, urinary incontinence pads should be placed inside underwear to help absorb small drips and dribbles caused by coughs, sneezes and bladder weakness.

Abena Abri-Let image

Abena Abri-Let

A range of insert pads designed to be worn with fixation pants, underwear or as a booster pad.

Always Discreet Liners image

Always Discreet Liners

For light, sensitive bladder protection right where you need it. Here's light incontinence protection with a unique DualLock Core.

Always Discreet Pads image

Always Discreet Pads

Incredible protection for sensitive bladder with unbelievable thinness. Stay on top of your game with incontinence pads.

Attends Soft image

Attends Soft

A range of small anatomically shaped pads designed to manage very light to heavy urinary incontinence.

Dailee Lady Premium image

Dailee Lady Premium

Dailee Lady Premium, for active, mobile people and pregnant women with light bladder leaks.

iD Expert Light image

iD Expert Light

Pads designed for urinary loss caused by bladder weakness. Shaped like feminine towels with maximum discretion and security due to its anatomical fit.

iD Light image

iD Light

Pads designed for urinary loss caused by bladder weakness. Shaped like feminine towels with maximum discretion and security due to its anatomical fit.

Lights by TENA image

Lights by TENA

Oooops moments happen! Now you can say C’est la vie to little leaks with new lights by TENA.

Lille Suprem Light image

Lille Suprem Light

Perfect for independent people with light temporary urinary loss. Slim and discrete with anti-leakage security.

TENA Comfort Mini image

TENA Comfort Mini

These small reliable pads have an extremely effective inner core, allowing faster liquid acquisition and improved absorbency.

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  2. Extra
  3. Super

Insert Pads

A wide range of insert pads suitable for women. These larger shaped urinary incontinence pads are typically placed inside fix pants or underwear to help absorb larger amounts of urine caused by bladder weakness.

Abena Abri-San image

Abena Abri-San

Unisex shaped pads are available in a wide variety of absorbencies to suit all needs.

Attends Contours image

Attends Contours

A range of anatomically shaped pads designed to manage light to heavy incontinence.

iD Expert Anatomical Pad image

iD Expert Anatomical Pad

Anatomically-shaped pads offering an ideal solution for managing moderate incontinence. For use with iD Expert Fix.

iD Expert Form image

iD Expert Form

Anatomically-shaped pads offering an ideal solution for managing moderate to heavy incontinence. For use with iD Expert Fix.

Kanga Insert Pads image

Kanga Insert Pads

For light to moderate incontinence to provide added protection. Can be used inside other disposable incontinence products to increase capacity.

Lille Classic Pad image

Lille Classic Pad

These inserts are designed to be used with all-in-ones, large pads and pull-up pants to reinforce the level of absorption.

Lille Suprem Form image

Lille Suprem Form

Breathable large shaped pads, ideal for managing moderate to heavy incontinence among active people.

MoliCare Premium Form image

MoliCare Premium Form

Suitable for men or women, these pads offer protection against mild to severe urinary incontinence.

TENA Lady image


Provides Triple Protection against leaks, odour and moisture. Helping you stay dry, secure and confident every day.

Pull Up Pants

Pull Up Pants for women are a convenient disposable solution with added protection making them particularly suitable for moderate to heavy incontinence. At Incontinence Shop all of our pants feature tear away sides for easy removal and odour protection for added peace of mind.

Abena Abri-Flex image

Abena Abri-Flex

Worn like normal underwear to give a more comfortable and secure fit.

Always Discreet Boutique image

Always Discreet Boutique

Incredibly absorbent and feminine underwear for sensitive bladder. Incredible protection made beautiful.

Always Discreet Underwear image

Always Discreet Underwear

Our most absorbent protection for sensitive bladder. Incontinence underwear that protects against heavy urine leaks to help make your overactive bladder feel like no big deal.

  1. Normal
  2. Plus
  3. Super
Attends Pull-Ons image

Attends Pull-Ons

A range of absorbent disposable pants with a flexible shape designed to fit close to the body.

Drylife Pants image

Drylife Pants

Protective disposable pants which help effectively manage incontinence while benefiting from the look and feel of real underwear.

iD Intime image

iD Intime

A new generation of extra absorbent underwear for women that provides total confidence with no compromise on femininity.

iD Pants image

iD Pants

An ideal solution for managing moderate to heavy urinary incontinence. Pants can be worn and taken off like regular underwear.

iD Pants Fit & Feel image

iD Pants Fit & Feel

An ideal solution for managing moderate to heavy urinary incontinence. Pants can be worn and taken off like regular underwear.

Kylie Lady Pants image

Kylie Lady Pants

Kylie Female specific, discreet disposable Pull up Pants for active, mobile people with moderate to heavy bladder weakness.

Lille Suprem Pants image

Lille Suprem Pants

Lille Suprem Pants are ideal for managing moderate to heavy incontinence among active people. They are practical and can be worn like any regular underwear.

MoliCare Premium Mobile image

MoliCare Premium Mobile

Pull-up pants that are easy to fit just like underwear. Provides protection against moderate to very severe incontinence.

TENA Lady Pants image

TENA Lady Pants

Disposable cotton-soft absorbent pants designed to look like your everyday underwear.

All In One Slips

All in on slips are designed for women with moderate to heavy urinary and/or faecal incontinence. They are often referred to as adult nappies as they feature tabs/tapes at the waist that allow for a secure adjustable fit. Available in a range of absorbencies, slips include leak guards around the legs and waist for added peace of mind.

Drylife Slip image

Drylife Slip

Drylife Slip are a highly absorbent all-in-one slip, with a soft, full plastic back sheet, as well as a fast acting absorbent core.

iD Expert Belt image

iD Expert Belt

iD Expert Belt are Belted briefs that are designed for managing moderate to heavy incontinence in active and independent people.

iD InnoFit image

iD InnoFit

iD InnoFit are an All-in-one briefs that are elastic as pants. An effective solution for managing moderate to heavy incontinence.

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  3. Maxi
MoliCare Slip image

MoliCare Slip

MoliCare Slip are a plastic backed product designed to provide protection against very severe incontinence.

TENA Flex image


TENA Flex A fully breathable belted product that allows for more ergonomic changing, providing a comfortable and discreet fit.

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  2. Super
  3. Maxi
TENA Slip image


TENA Slip An all-in-one product designed to provide protection for healthy skin and high leakage security. Suitable for all types of incontinence.

  1. Plus
  2. Super
  3. Maxi
  4. Ultima

Bed and Chair Pads

Disposable bed pads cater for all bed sizes and offer extra protection for mattresses. Chair pads are suitable for both wheelchair and recliner chair use.

Abena Abri-Cell image

Abena Abri-Cell

A low cost, versatile product range that is ideal for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and home care.

Attends Cover-Dri image

Attends Cover-Dri

A range of underpads that can be used for light to moderate urinary incontinence and clinical procedures where non sterile containment is required.

Drylife All Nights image

Drylife All Nights

Designed to be as comfortable as possible whilst providing a high level of protection.

Drylife Basic image

Drylife Basic

Drylife Basic Disposable Bed Pads are suitable for various procedures including protection for beds and wound care.

iD Protect image

iD Protect

Designed to provide a high level of protection and softness for beds and seats.

Kylie Disposable Underpads image

Kylie Disposable Underpads

Kylie Underpads have unique adhesive fixing strips to ensure underpads are held firmly in place on wheelchairs, beds or armchairs offering maximum protection.

Lille Classic Bed image

Lille Classic Bed

Bed pads offer the perfect solution for protecting mattresses and chairs.

MoliNea Underpads image

MoliNea Underpads

Underpads offer comfort and reassurance. Highly absorbent and can be used as protection for beds and chairs.

Readi Bed Pads image

Readi Bed Pads

High performance, disposable underpads for discreet continence care, designed to offer protection for beds, mattresses, chairs and wheelchairs.

TENA Bed image


Bed and chair protection for clinical or procedural use with secure Zone technology for added protection and odour reduction.

TENA Hygiene Sheet image

TENA Hygiene Sheet

Convenient cost-effective bed and chair protectors with a thin plastic membrane.