Washable Products

Washable incontinence products are items that are designed to be washed and reused. This includes items such as washable pants, fixation pants and plastic pants.

Bed and Chair Pads

Washable bed pads cater for all bed sizes and offer extra protection for matresses. Chair pads are suitable for both wheelchair and recliner chair use.

Brolly Sheets image

Brolly Sheets

Fabulous to sleep on, under or in, our waterproof bedding is soft and comfy, breathable and quiet.

Why shouldn't waterproof bedding look great and feel soft and comfy? The perfect solution for home and away.

Kylie Bed and Chair Pads image

Kylie Bed and Chair Pads

Kylie is the original washable absorbent bed pad. It’s so popular that often people use the name “Kylie sheets” and term “Washable bed pad” interchangeably. Kylie Sheets and Kylie Bed Pads are the same thing and refer to washable absorbent bed pads.

MIP Bed and Chair Pads image

MIP Bed and Chair Pads

Designed to maximise value, MIP bed and chair pads will ensure fast washing and drying thus helping to reduce utility costs.

Sonoma Washable Pads image

Sonoma Washable Pads

The Sonoma Bed Pad is extremely durable, very thin, and super absorbent. The pad has an extremely compact soaker layer which absorbs large amounts of liquid quickly.

Bodystockings and Bodysuits

Bodystockings and bodysuits are an excellent solution providing extra security for keeping an incontinence pad in place. They can be used alongside a fixation product.

Abena Body Stockings image

Abena Body Stockings

An excellent solution providing extra security for keeping an incontinence pad in place.

Drylife Bodysuits image

Drylife Bodysuits

Proudly made in the UK from 100% cotton. The bodysuit features 3 metal steel snaps at the crotch.

Briefs and Pants

Washable briefs and pants are reusable alternivates to dispoable products. They are made from breathable cotton fabric to help the user remain comfortable and protected from small leakage.

Drylife Terry Towelling image

Drylife Terry Towelling

Drylife Terry Towelling - these pull on style pants feature a double layer of terry towelling that is made from 100% cotton.

Fixation Pants

Washable and reusable fixation pants help to prevent leaks by keeping incontinence products securely in place.

Attends Stretch Pants image

Attends Stretch Pants

Attends offer a range of fixation pants which can be used with our shaped pads to ensure that the product stays securely in place and close to the body to minimise the risk of leakage.

iD Expert Fix image

iD Expert Fix

iD Expert FixNet pants to assure the pad is held closely against the body, ensuring optimum performance.

Lille Ganmill Fix image

Lille Ganmill Fix

Lille Ganmill Fix mesh pants and Ganmill Panties are especially designed to hold pads securely and comfortably.

TENA Fix image


TENA Fix is to be used in conjunction with body-worn pads. Developed to last longer and to hold both shape and elasticity with frequent laundering.

Plastic and Rubber Pants

Traditional washable, waterproof pants made from plastic or rubber in a range of styles. They offer extra protection over disposables or in conjunction with cloth incontinence products.

Plastic Pants image

Plastic Pants

Traditional washable, waterproof plastic pants. Available for both men and women, in sizes from Small to XXL. Made of 100% 6 mil vinyl. High side and also brief style available for extra protection over disposables or in conjunction with terry nappies and cloth incontinence products.

Rubber Pants image

Rubber Pants

The Incontinence Shop offers a range of high quality, handmade rubber pants, which gives the user the best protection possible, preventing leakages without compromising on comfort.


Specially designed swimwear to give you the confidence and security when getting in the water.