Abena comprehensive range of continence products suitable for varying degrees and all types of continence issues.

Incontinence Products

Abena has a comprehensive range of continence products and we pride ourselves in providing our customers with outstanding quality. Our continence care products play a big part in improving the quality of life for the wearer by giving them security, comfort and confidence. Our products are suitable for varying degrees and all types of continence issues and consists of everything from anatomically shaped pads, belted pads, pull-ups and all-in-one pads for both juniors and adults. We also have male incontinence products specifically designed to fit the male anatomy.

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Abena Abri-Man (Male Products)

Abri-Man Formula Premium have been designed specifically for men. They feature leakage barriers, a breathable backsheet and a shape that has been adapted to ensure a secure fit. These products also benefits from an adhesive strip for positioning in close fitting underwear. Abri-Man Special is ideally suited for men with moderate to heavy incontinence, but also offers a secure solution for use at night.

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Abena Abri-Flex (Pull Up Pants)

Abri-Flex Premium pull-up products can be worn like normal underwear. Pull up products give a more comfortable and secure fit due to the elastic threads along the waist. Level 0 is suitable for those with light incontinence. Levels 2 and 3 are suitable for active users and feature additional elastication in both the leg and crotch areas.

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Abena Abri-Let (Light Insert Pads) image

Abena Abri-Let (Light Insert Pads)

Faecal or urinary incontinence can be difficult conditions for sufferers to live with and to try to effectively control. Conventional incontinence products may not always be suitable to deal with faecal incontinence effectively. However, Abena have a number of products that can be considered when dealing with faecal incontinence.

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Abena Abri-San (Insert Pads)

Unisex shaped pads in a wide variety of absorbencies. Levels 1 to 4 feature an adhesive strip which enables the pad to be secured to underwear. Wetness indicators are featured on level 5 upwards. Abri-San Special can be used for both urinary and faecal incontinence. These pads should be worn with fixation pants which fully support the pad and help prevent leakage.

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Abena Abri-Form

Unisex all in one pads are available in 6 different sizes and several absorbencies within most sizes. The soft, breathable backsheet offers greater comfort for the wearer and promotes skin integrity. These product feature a super absorbent core and wetness indicators which can help you to identify when the product needs changing.

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Childrens Products

The Bambo Nature range of environmentally friendly nappies and training pants are manufactured by Abena. Abri-Form Junior is a unique product solution that bridges the gap between the largest nappy and the smallest adult incontinence product.

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Bambo Nature

Bambo Nature disposable nappies are gentle to the baby's skin and health and have a super soft textile-like back and top sheet that makes the nappy feel like soft clothing. The environmentally friendly nappy range is designed to fit a baby's anatomy perfectly, which ensures there is no leakage and makes the baby feel comfortable while enabling greater freedom of movement.

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Abena Abri-Form Junior

A unique product solution that bridges the gap in the market between the largest nappy for children and the smallest adult continence product; a smaller leg and a better fit is achieved with the new narrower core without compromising the absorbency. Abri-Form Junior provides full breathability and a fast absorbing sub-layer that spreads the liquid and makes the user feel dry.

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Other Products

Below is a list of products that can be used to supplement the Abena incontinence range.

Abena Bodystocking image

Abena Bodystocking

Body stockings are an excellent solution providing extra security for keeping an incontinence pad in place (to be used alongside a fixation product).

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