Women's Incontinence Products

We have a huge selection of incontinence products and accessories designed with women in mind at all levels of incontinence. And with a range of leading brands - including Abena, Depend, iD, Lille, TENA, and more - we have options for every woman living with incontinence.

All Women's Incontience Products

Light Insert Pads image

Light Insert Pads

Specially designed for women, these small urinary incontinence pads are placed inside underwear to help absorb small drips and dribbles caused by coughs, sneezes and bladder weakness.

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Shaped Pads

A wide range of insert pads suitable for women. These larger-shaped urinary incontinence pads are typically placed inside Fixation Pants or underwear to help absorb larger amounts of urine caused by bladder weakness.

Women with moderate to heavy levels of incontinence will find our large incontinence pads perfect for their needs. The absorbency of these pads is higher than that of Light Incontinence Pads. If you experience moderate to major fecal incontinence, our stock of Disposable Adult Nappies may be an ideal solution.

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Pull Up Pants

Incontinence pull-up pants for women are a convenient disposable solution with added protection making them suitable for moderate to heavy incontinence. At Incontinence Shop all of our pants feature tear-away sides for easy removal and odour protection for added peace of mind.

Our range of disposable incontinence pants for women is designed with a comfortable stretch waistband and discreet, breathable design. This helps to ensure maximum comfort and security for the user without sacrificing freedom or style.

If you require a product that is suitable for heavy levels of incontinence then you may be interested in our range of women's washable pants.

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All In One Slips

All-in-one slips are designed for women with moderate to heavy urinary and/or faecal incontinence. Adult nappies, or incontinence pants, have tabs/tapes at the waist that allow wearers to adjust them for a secure fit. Our incontinence briefs are not only comfortable but also secure, offering a pad with unmatched absorption levels and comfort.

Disposable Incontinence Slips

The main purpose of Incontinence all-in-one briefs is to make sure the user is comfortable and minimally disrupt their daily routine. They are easy to put on and take off for carers, while also being highly absorbent. All-in-One Incontinence Briefs come in a wide range, many with textile-like fabric against the skin and breathable panels to keep skin fresher for longer.

Washable Briefs and Pants image

Washable Briefs and Pants

Women's washable incontinence pants are designed to look and feel like normal underwear and are more durable than disposable options. Their breathable cotton fabric helps you stay comfortable and dry by protecting against leaks.

If you require a product that is suitable for mild levels of incontinence, then these washable incontinence pants are a great option. They provide extra protection, while also being comfortable and discreet.

Bed Pans and Urinals image

Bed Pans and Urinals

Our portable bed pans are available to order in bulk of 100 or 200, whereas we also provide portable urinals for both men and women.

Bed and Chair Pads image

Bed and Chair Pads

Disposable bed pads cater for all bed sizes and offer extra protection for mattresses. Chair pads are suitable for both wheelchair and recliner chair use.

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Fixation Pants

If you're looking for a way to keep your incontinence pads in place, look no further than our incontinence fixation pants. These specifically designed pants will hug your figure and keep the pads firmly in place. These pants help to reduce the risk of leakage while also maximizing comfort and security.

These pants are designed to be both discreet and effective for people with heavier incontinence issues. They can accommodate larger, absorbent pads as needed. Incontinence fixation pants are washable and reusable – with the incontinence insert pads being disposable.

Womens Nappies

Browse through our range of high quality women’s nappies to find the ideal product for you and your needs. Our women’s nappies are the highest quality, most absorbent, comfortable products available.