Children's Incontinence Products

At Incontinence Shop, we have an extensive selection of top-notch, reasonably priced incontinence products for kids. From washable nappies to waterproof bedding and plastic pants, we've got you covered. You'll find trusted brands like Abena, Bambo, TENA, and Libero among our offerings. Whether your child needs a little extra help with incontinence, you can count on us to have just what you need. Don't worry, we understand the importance of finding the right solution, and we're here to make it easy for you.

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Children's Nappies

Take a look through our children’s nappies to find the perfect match for your little one. With a variety of styles and sizes from big brands such as Libero, TENA, iD, and Freelife, it won’t be difficult to find the perfect product for your child.

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Pull Up Pants

Unlike conventional nappies which help your child stay protected day and night, pull up pants are best used during potty training and transitioning from nappies to underwear. Easy to slide on, comfortable, and designed for quick removal, pull up pants offer protection against sudden urges, little leaks, and bedwetting.

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Bed Protection

These highly-absorbent bed pads are made for extra protection in those occasional 'oops' moments. Always enjoy a sense of calm and security from your child's night-time leaks with these bed protection pads.

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Briefs and Pants

Our washable children's pants and nappies are available in a varying amount of sizes, suitable for both boys and girls. Plus, all our products boast high levels of absorbency and total discreetness, allowing you to enjoy the rest of your day in confidence.

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All Children's Products

We stock a wide range of high quality, affordable children's incontinence products, including washable nappies to plastic pants and waterproof bedding. Our product range also includes stock from some of the most most reputable suppliers within the health industry, such as Abena, Bambo, TENA and Libero.

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