Attends have been producing products for people with bladder weakness and incontinence for over 40 years. Their highly specialised offering ranges from discreet pads for light to moderate bladder weakness to pads and disposable pants for heavy incontinence.

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For Men

Attends For Men are anatomically shaped shields designed for men with urinary incontinence. Level 2 is designed for small dribbles. Level 3 is designed for light urinary incontinence.

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Attends Soft are a range of small anatomically shaped pads designed to manage very light to heavy urinary incontinence.

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Attends Pull-Ons are a range of all-in-one absorbent pants that can be pulled down like normal underwear and are designed to manage moderate to heavy urinary and/or faecal incontinence.

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Attends Contours Regular are a range of anatomically shaped pads designed to manage light to moderate urinary incontinence.

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Attends Cover-Dri

Attends Cover-Dri are a range of underpads that can be used for light to moderate urinary incontinence and clinical procedures where non sterile containment is required.

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