Libero has its heritage in Sweden and was established around thirty years ago. Libero nappies come in many different sizes and formats including both open and pant nappies, perfect for babies crawling, standing and walking.

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Libero UP&GO image

Libero UP&GO

Tear-away side-seams and disposal tape for easy changing. Breathable, soft non-woven material helps to maintain healthy skin. Designed especially for that time in life when babies advance from crawling to walking.

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Libero SleepTight

Made for children who require additional protection during night. Breathable materials let the skin breathe and keeps the child comfortably dry throughout the night. Looks and feels like normal underwear and are barely noticeable underneath pyjamas.

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Libero Newborn

Made for newborn babies. Extra soft surface material and pliable fit and leakage barriers and waist elastic to prevent anything from leaking onto the baby's stomach and back. Ideal for babies laying down on their back but also when they are starting to roll.

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Libero Comfort

Thin, soft nappies with stretchy sides and soft elastics around legs that gently flexes with the baby's movements, providing reliable protection against leakage. Free from lotion and made from breathable materials so the skin is kept comfortably dry. Ideal for the early stages of life.

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