Discover the full range of high quality and innovative products, with proven benefits for improved continence care and personal hygiene. TENA helps people stay secure, dry and odour free. Offering products that help manage urinary incontinence, leakage and bladder weakness, day and night.

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Protection especially designed for men. With one in ten men experiencing incontinence at some stage in their life, TENA know it's important to have just the right product to manage it.

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TENA Discreet

Formally TENA Lady. Drier, safer and more comfortable than traditional sanitary protection. Body shaped for comfort, protection and discretion. The product design with the female body in mind gives a secure and comfortable fit.

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Lights by TENA

Purposely designed for little leaks, providing faster absorption than regular liners which leaves you fresh and dry. Available in a range of sizes and absorbencies to suit your needs.

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TENA Pants

Close body fit for security and confidence, whatever your loved one's lifestyle. These high-performance products are as easy to put on as underwear. TENA Pants are available in a range of absorbency levels.

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All-in-one products designed to provide protection for healthy skin and high leakage security. Available in a range of sizes and absorbency levels including Active Fit and breathable protection.

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TENA Comfort

A comfortable bowl-shaped incontinence pad that provides leakage security and close body fit.Available in a range of absorbency levels and specially designed to be worn with TENA fixation pants.

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TENA ProSkin Flex with a superfit waist belt, a breakthrough for caregivers and wearers. Innovative anatomical design for high protection, skin health and comfort. High leakage security.

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Ensures that TENA Comfort, TENA Comfort Mini and TENA Lady pads stay securely in place. The seamless, soft and elastic material helps to avoid skin chafing and irritation.

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Protection for clinical or procedural use. For both chairs and beds, available in a broad range of size and absorption.

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