MoliCare (Hartmann)

Creators of continence products that cater for a wide range of continence needs.

Incontinence Products

A range of continence products that cater for a wide range of continence needs, meeting both physical and psychological needs. Dignity is achieved at all times through excellent quality products providing confidence and discretion.

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MoliCare Pad

When you don’t want to let mild or occasional incontinence hold you back, our unisex MoliCare Pad ensures you have the confidence and the freedom to get on with your busy and active life.

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MoliCare Mobile

MoliCare Mobile are pull-up pants that are easy to fit just like underwear. They are designed to provide protection against moderate to very severe incontinence.

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MoliCare Slip

The MoliCare Slip are a plastic backed product designed to provide protection against very severe incontinence.

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MoliNea Couche

A simple but effective protection against slight incontinence, the MoliNea Couche Insert pad will sit within the users own close-fitting underwear. An adhesive strip keeps the pad in place, and a waterproof backing stops all leakage.

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As a booster pad, our Strampelpeter provides protection and reassurance when dealing with light levels of incontinence and bladder weakness.

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Additional Products

Hartmann offer a range of additional products including fixing pants designed for the MoliCare Premium Form range and absorbent underpads designed to protect beds and chairs.

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MoliNea Underpads

MoliNea underpads offer comfort and reassurance for both patients and carers. Underpads are absorbent and can be used as protection for beds and chairs.

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