MoliCare (Hartmann)

Discover MoliCare's range of incontinence products designed with your comfort in mind!

From all-in-ones to pull-up pants and shaped pads, we've got all your MoliCare needs covered at Incontinence Shop, no matter the degree or type of incontinence.

Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure maximum comfort and security for you.

With varying absorbency levels, our Incontinence Pads offer top-notch protection against bladder weakness while keeping you feeling fresh and dry. Crafted from high-quality, breathable materials, they provide superior leakage protection and quick-drying absorbency.

Plus, our pads are shaped to fit your body perfectly for ultimate comfort. Dermatologically tested, they're gentle on your skin. MoliCare can handle your incontinence needs with confidence and discretion.

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MoliCare Pad

When you don’t want to let mild or occasional incontinence hold you back, our unisex MoliCare Pad ensures you have the confidence and the freedom to get on with your busy and active life.

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MoliCare Mobile

MoliCare Mobile are pull-up pants that are easy to fit just like underwear. They are designed to provide protection against moderate to very severe incontinence.

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MoliCare Premium Elastic

The MoliCare Premium Elastic range comprises of all-in-one elasticated slips, suitable for those who experience moderate to very severe incontinence and are ideally suited to people who have limited mobility or are bed-bound.

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Insert Pads

As a booster pad, our Strampelpeter provides protection and reassurance when dealing with light levels of incontinence and bladder weakness.

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