Men's Incontinence Products

We stock a wide range of incontinence products and accessories designed especially for men, at all levels incontinence. At Incontinence Shop we provide a wide range of products from leading brands such as Abena, Depend, iD, Lille, TENA and many, many more.

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Light Insert Pads

Light insert pads specially designed for men and the male anatomy. These small shaped, urinary incontinence pads should be placed inside underwear to help absorb small drips and dribbles caused by coughs, sneezes and bladder weakness.

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Insert Pads

Incontinence Shop supplies an extensive range of incontinence pads for men designed specifically for light to moderate urinary incontinence. These larger shaped urinary incontinence pads for men are typically placed inside fix pants or underwear to help absorb larger amounts of urine caused by bladder weakness.

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Pull Up Pants

Our range of disposable men's incontinence pants are a convenient solution with added protection making them suitable for moderate to heavy incontinence. At Incontinence Shop all of our disposable incontinence pants feature tear-away sides for easy removal, odour protection and high levels of absorbency whilst being a discreet and comfortable option for men's incontinence.

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All In One Slips

All in on slips are designed for men with moderate to heavy urinary and/or faecal incontinence. They are often referred to as adult nappies as they feature tabs/tapes at the waist that allow for a secure adjustable fit. Available in a range of absorbencies, slips include leak guards around the legs and waist for added peace of mind.

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