NEW - Drylife Gloves are here!

NEW - Drylife Gloves are here!

NEW - Drylife Gloves are here!

The all new Drylife Gloves range has arrived exclusively at Incontinence Shop. Currently available in 3 styles, the cost effective range of gloves is sure to be a handy solution to your safety and hygiene problems.

All of the gloves in the range are ambidextorous for easy use. They are powder free to prevent allergies and rashes. All gloves are compliant with EN455 1,2,3 and 4 as well as EN420 AQL1.5.

Vinyl Powder Free Gloves

Formed from a synthetically derived polymer material, Drylife Vinyl Powder Free Gloves are designed to be specifically designed for frequent use and offer enhanced protection. They are naturally latex free and so will cause no allergic reactions or rashes. The vinyl range of gloves is slightly thinner than those in the nitrile range, so are less protective and slightly less durable but are particurlaly effective where frequent glove changes occur and for low-risk tasks.

Nitrile Powder Free Gloves

Made of a soft but tough stretchy nitrile material, the Drylife Nitrile Gloves range has been designed and developed to give increased sensitivity and strength. These gloves are designed to offer greater tensile strength and protection than both Latex and Vinyl. They are ambidextrous, latex free and available in both black and blue.

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25 June 2019