Staying Active With Incontinence - Men's Health Week

Staying Active With Incontinence - Men's Health Week

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping active when dealing with incontinence can be a struggle. Here are some tips and tricks to maintaining your active lifestyle.

1. The best thing you can do is start off on the right foot, so go to the bathroom before you begin your exercise. Emptying your bladder can put your mind at ease before going into any exercise you have planned.

2. Don't be afraid to drink while you exercise. Staying hydrated is key to any workout, and stopping this can make things worse. Not drinking won't stop leakage completely like you may think, it will just dehydrate you. Although, try to avoid anything that may make you more likely to go before you exercise (i.e tea/coffee) as these kinds of drinks will trigger your bladder more and so may interrupt your exercise with urges.

3. Clenching and pelvic floor exercises can be very helpful for a lot of men. It can train the bladder to be stronger and to hold in those urges. These are easy to do and can easily be done anywhere, so they're a great way to fight the urge.

4. In any exercise you do, don't start heavy. Don't put too much strain on your body all at once and avoid putting a lot of pressure on yourself. Start light, and eventually you can build up and get to heavier, more weight based training.

5. Eat light before you exercise. The more food you eat, the more abdominal pressure that will bear down on your bladder. So it's good to get in a habit of a light meal before you workout, so that your body feels both lighter and fresher.

6. Incontinence Products - We supply a huge range of products and many are specifically designed with active lifestyles in mind. With both unisex and gender specific products available there will always be a product for you. These are designed to be comfortable, feel natural and to give you confidence and security knowing that you're protected while you're active. 

Trying to lead an active lifestyle whilst dealing with incontinence can be difficult, but with the right routine it can be done. Incontinence Shop aims to supply you with the correct knowledge and products to help you in this process. We're sure that we have the product suited to you, and if you're not sure call our friendly customer care team and they'll help guide you in finding the products best suited to your needs. Give us a call on 01204 571017

13 June 2019