Washable versus disposable waterproof bed sheets: which option is best?

Washable versus disposable waterproof bed sheets: which option is best?
14 May 2020

Washable versus disposable waterproof bed sheets: which option is best?

When it comes to managing incontinence, it can be difficult to decide which incontinence products will be best for ourselves and our families. For some, waterproof bed pads are a great addition to the usual range of incontinence products on the market. 

Below, we’ve listed some of the great benefits of utilising waterproof bed sheets, and also offer some guidance on choosing disposable or washable bedding

Travelling with confidence

Both reusable and disposable waterproof bed sheets are handy items to have when travelling.

After all, everyone likes to be discreet when it comes to personal hygiene. So, if you’re concerned about soiling sheets during overnight stays outside of the home, be sure to take some with you.

You may find that disposable waterproof pads are more convenient for short trips and overnight stays, as they will conveniently fold down to fit into most waste bins.

Alternatively, for trips which require flights or longer periods in one accommodation, washable waterproof bedding can be more economical to pack. We’d recommend contacting your host to see if they could assist you with laundering your bedding during your stay. 

Relax and find comfort

If you’re someone who tends to spend time wearing liners or briefs as part of your daily incontinence routine, it can be nice to take a break. Utilising waterproof bedding can offer you a bit more freedom while you sleep, without compromising your comfort. 

Most brands contain super-absorbent materials – gone are the days of plastic-backed bed sheets. What’s more, some waterproof bed pads offer extra cushioning, so you might even enjoy that extra layer on top of your usual bedding.

And, if you opt for reusable waterproof sheets, you can easily incorporate them into your current bedding options, with a variety of colours and styles available to choose from – they’ll blend right in. 

Sleep soundly

Waterproof bed sheets can be a great alternative to other incontinence products, such as pants or liners, which can be quite disruptive to change during the night. They are also a good option for those who may be unable to use other products due to personal circumstances, such as pregnancy.

If you are caring for a loved one who suffers with incontinence, and want to help your loved one keep dry, waterproof bed pads are a great means of keeping sleeping areas dry, without requiring much physical contact with the user to change when necessary.

For sufferers of nocturnal neurosis (night-time bedwetting), utilising waterproof bed sheets can also be a much less daunting means of coping with incontinence, as they are discreet to use. 

Waterproof bedding may also ease the worry of leakage which can occur with other products, for those whose symptoms are particularly severe.

Prolong the life of your bedding

As noted above, some incontinence products do not always protect from total leakage during the night; especially as some of us tend to move around a lot during our sleep.

Similarly to some brief liners, many bed pads come available with wings, enabling you to tuck them right under either side of the mattress, protecting your mattress on all sides from any wetness. 

Plus, waterproof bed sheets come in a variety of shapes and sizes – so they will work alongside all types of fitted and loose sheets, and mattress sizes. 

Should you opt for reusable waterproof bed sheets or disposable ones?

As you can see from some of the scenarios covered above, whether you opt for disposable or reusable bed pads is very much down to personal choice. 

Reusable waterproof bed sheets

Washable waterproof bed sheets are designed with longevity in mind. Most brands will offer you comfortable, durable material which is built to last, and easy to maintain.

Because they are reusable, they are also much more eco-friendly, and better value for money in the long run.

The only downside to washable bedding is it does require the effort of repeated cleaning, which may not always be an accessible option for some.

Disposable waterproof bed sheets

Disposable waterproof bed sheets certainly have their uses. 

As noted above, they can be great for those who may not need to use them for long periods. Where a permanent investment may not be necessary – such as those who are suffering incontinence as a result of pregnancy or are experiencing temporary side-effects as a result of medication or surgery.

We’ve also noted above that disposable waterproof bed pads can also be an excellent travel essential. 

What’s more, disposable bed pads remove the labour of repeated washing to their counterparts and may be considered the more discreet option for some.