iD For Men Level 2 - Case - 16 Packs of 10
iD For Men Level 2 - Case - 16 Packs of 10 iD For Men Level 2 - Case - 16 Packs of 10 iD For Men Level 2 - Case - 16 Packs of 10 iD For Men Level 2 - Case - 16 Packs of 10

iD For Men Level 2 - Case - 16 Packs of 10

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iD for Men are individually wrapped pads and are ideal for managing light urinary incontinence. The male-specific design ensures a perfect fit to maximise comfort and the pads are thin and light, thus providing maximum discretion. The iD for men had an adhesive strip for use in regular close-fitting underwear and allows correct fitting of the pad. The range is designed to offer the best protection for light incontinence.

Features and Benefits

  • Odor Control - Locks away odor for maximum freshness.
  • Cotton Feel - Soft back sheet for complete comfort.
  • Perfect Fit and Comfort - Engineered for freedom of movement.
  • Super Discreet - Thin and Light.
  • Ultra Protection - Fast and Maxi Absorption.

How to use

  • Unfold the ID for Men pad and remove the paper from the adhesive strip
  • Ensuring the wider part of the product is at the front, place the pad inside the underwear making sure the adhesive strip is securely fastened to the underwear
  • Finally, pull up the underwear and adjust for comfort and security. It is not recommended that iD for Men pads are worn in loose-fitting underwear, for example, boxer shorts. Good, close-fitting, supportive underwear is required to ensure full product efficiency
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Product Details

Unit Qty160
VAT ExemptYes
Item TypeDisposable
Absorption Drops4 Drops
Absorption LevelLevel 2
Quantity16 Packs of 10
Pad Size305mm x 185mm
SizeLevel 2
ConditionSmall Loss, Small to Moderate Loss
Type of IncontinenceBladder
Custom MadeNo
Quantity16 Packs of 10
Units Per Pack10

What Are Light Insert Pads?

Light insert pads, also called pads or shields are small disposable pads to manage light urinary incontinence. They are designed to be placed inside the user's underwear and typically feature an adhesive backing to help keep the pad in place.

Small pads are typically gender specific with options for women being called light pads and men being called shields. They don't feature leak guards or a wetness indicator but can have odour control. They benefit from being easy to change, discreet and come in a variety of absorbencies.

Many light insert pads are individually packed making them ideal for travel and easy to dispose of.

Quick Facts

  • Designed for light urinary incontinence
  • To be placed inside the user's underwear
  • Typically feature an adhesive backing
  • Gender specific options
  • Female products are typically called pads
  • Male products are typically called shields
  • Often individually packed
  • Easy to dispose of
  • A range of absorbencies
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