TENA Slip Bariatric Super - XXL - Pack of 32
TENA Slip Bariatric Super - XXL - Pack of 32 TENA Slip Bariatric Super - XXL - Pack of 32 TENA Slip Bariatric Super - XXL - Pack of 32 TENA Slip Bariatric Super - XXL - Pack of 32

TENA Slip Bariatric Super - XXL - Pack of 32

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TENA Slip Size Guide

The sizing below relates to all TENA Slip products including the ProSkin, Active Fit, Bariatric and Junior product ranges.

To find the best fit, measure your waist and hip circumference using a tailors tape measure. Use the largest of the measurements to determine the correct product size. If your measurement matches multiple products, we recommend trying the smallest size. If you require help please contact us.

Sizing Silhouettes
Size Waist
XS - Extra Small 49-74cm, 19-29-inch
XS - Extra Small (Junior) 50-60cm, 20-24-inch
S - Small 56-85cm, 22-33-inch
M - Medium 73-122cm, 28-48-inch
L - Large 92-144cm, 36-57-inch
XL - Extra Large 120-160cm, 47-63-inch
XXL - XX-Large (Bariatric) 163-178cm, 64-70-inch
XXXL - 3X-Large (Bariatric) 175-224cm, 69-88-inch

TENA Slip Bariatric is specially designed for clinically obese individuals. It is fully breathable and enables a custom fit, helping the product stay safely and comfortably in place. TENA Slip Bariatric is available sizes XXL and 3XL and one absorbency level.

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent fit and breathability - The combination of Breathable Stretch Sides and leg elastics provides a snug and comfortable fit. The breathable textile-like side panels of the incontinence protection allow air to circulate, helping to keep the skin dry and maintaining healthy skin.
  • Fast liquid absorption and a highly absorbent core provide lasting dryness - FeelDry technology rapidly wicks away even large quantities of urine into the product core. The urine remains locked in the core even under pressure, keeping it away from the skin, for enhanced comfort. This is an important first step towards good skin health.
  • Readjustable fastening tabs to ensure comfort and fit - The fixation tabs can be repeatedly adjusted to ensure that the incontinence product suits individual requirements, for secure protection and high comfort.
  • Easy change in lying or standing position - The product design enables an easy product change.
  • Backsheet with easily identifiable product size and absorption level - The backsheet information is as also visible when folded on shelf
  • Wetness indicator shows when it is time to change - There is no need to open the incontinence product to find out whether it needs changing. The wetness indicator on the outside of the product turns from yellow to blue when it is time to change. Just one look at the wetness indicator will guide you.
  • The Odour Neutralizer reduces the effect of ammonia odour - The Odour Neutralizer reduces the effect of ammonia odour, giving a feeling of freshness and dignity.
  • Soft textile-like backing - Ensures enhanced comfort and dryness for improved skincare.
Size Waist Pack Size Case Size
XXL - XX-Large 163-178cm, 64-70-inch Pack of 32 2 Packs of 32
XXXL - XXX-Large 175-224cm, 69-88-inch Pack of 8 4 Packs of 8
More Information
Unit Qty32
VAT ExemptYes
Coming SoonNo
Item TypeDisposable
Absorption Drops7 Drops
Absorption LevelSuper
QuantityPack of 32
Waist Size163-178cm, 64-70-inch
Backing MaterialCotton Feel
GenderMale, Female
ConditionModerate to Heavy Loss
Type of IncontinenceBladder, Bowel, Bladder and Bowel
Custom MadeNo
QuantityPack of 32
Units Per Pack32

How many slips are in a pack?

How many slips are in a pack?

Size 2XL (XXL) contains 32 slips per pack. Size 3XL (3XXXL) contains 8 slips per pack. This information is correct as of 22/11/22 and may change in the future.

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